Sunday, 24 Jan, 2021
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Money Museum
Address: 3/5 Leonidze st.
Tel: +995 (32) 240 64 05
Web site:

Ticket Price: Adult - 0.50 Gel, children - 0.10 Gel, students - 0.20. Guided tour - free.
Working hours: Everyday except weekend - 10:00 - 16:00
The National Bank of Georgia established a museum of money which is now open to visitors. The Museum's exhibits lead the onlookers through the centuries-old history of money circulation in Georgia, from the 6th century B.C. up to the present, and also show samples of foreign currency from different countries of the world. The exhibition starts by introducing a high nominal value tetradrachma of the ancient Colchian money, so-called Kolkhuri Tetri. Kolkheti launched emission of silver money in B.C. VI century, when only a few states throughout the world were aware of the coins. Thus Kolkhuri Tetri is the world's oldest coin. It is performed with utmost quality that yields to none of the modern states' coins.

In the lobby interested persons may purchase copies of old historical Georgian coins, modern Georgian jubilee and collection coins and banknotes, books and brochures published by the National Bank and the Museum and the CD of the expositionís multimedia presentation.