Saturday, 15 Aug, 2020
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Duration: 3 days
Company: Profkurort
Adress: 43/1 Vazha-pshavela I lane
Tel: +995 (32) 232 34 73; +995 (32) 231 12 44
Fax: +995 (32) 232 35 47
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About Tour:
Cost 110 Euro (per person)

Tao-Klarjeti is a part of north-eastern Turkey and divided among the provinces of Erzurum, Artvin, Ardahan and Kars. The history of the region goes back to 3000 BC, i.e. the Bronze Age. In the 1st millennium BC, the area, inhabited by various proto-Georgian tribes, was controlled by the kingdoms of Diaokhi and Colchis. Pharnavaz I, the first ruler of the ancient Georgian state of Iberia (Kartli) included these lands into his kingdom in ca 302 BC. In the 9th-11th centuries, Tao-Klarjeti was ruled by the Iberian Bagratids, and the region played a crucial role in the unification of the Georgian principalities into a single feudal state in 1008. Alongside the magnificent nature, the architectural monuments of Tao-Klarjeti (churches, monasteries, bridges and castles) function as tourist attractions today. The new era began in Tao-Klarjeti in 813, when the Georgian prince Ashot I of the Bagrationi family made Klarjeti a base in his struggle against the Arab occupation. Recognizing the Byzantine suzerainty, he established the Principality of the Georgians known to the Byzantines as the Kouropalatate of Iberia. Ashot fought the Arabs from there, gradually liberating the surrounding lands of Tao, Kola, Artaani and Shavsheti, along with a few other lesser lands, from the Arab dominance. For a long time the region became a cultural safe-house and one of the most important religious centers of Georgia.

I day
06:00 Departure from Tbilisi - After breakfast in Borjomi(Akhaldaba) you Arrive to the custom "Vale" - at 13:00 visit to City Shavsheti (lunch time) - In the afternoon you'll visit Khandzta Monastery,Axizi Castle - In the evening - Artanuji Castle,"Hell Canyon" and Doliskana Church - 22:30 Arrival to Iusufeli - (supper,overnight).

II day
After breakfast departure totortmi Lake for a while,visit Oshki Cathedral and Khakhuli (Haho) Monastery, lunch nearby Tortomi waterfall, after lunch visit Ishkhani Cathedral, trip to city Iusfeli for leasure time and dinner. overnight in Iusufeli.

III day
After breakfast and departure from the hotel You will visit the Castle of Caucasidzes', the Otkhta church (Dort Kilise) and have free time in city Iusfeli ( Lunch time). - After lunch you'll visit Bana cathedral. - at 18:30 Departure to the custom "Vale". - Supper in Borjomi(Axaldaba) - 23:30 Ariival to Tbilisi(at night).

Service includes:
- Departure on a comfortable minibus;
- Hotel reservation in 3* hotel (standard room, double room);
- Feeding: 2 daily meals;
- Services of the guide;
- Entrance tickets(For Cathedrals,parking,etc.);
- Insurance.