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Country of Golden Fleece
Duration: 12 Days/11 Nights
Company: Promethea Voyages
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About Tour:
Strabo (I BC) in his stories mentions that Svans, who are famous for their braveness and strength, controled the area above Dioskuria (Sokhumi). Svans are famous for their golden fleece. In Svaneti rivers bring down gold which is mainly collected by hoppers and hairy leathers. Lots of streams bring down invisible sand with gold. people living around put leathers in the stream to precipitate some gold. Ayety’s golden Fleece was one of them. The myth is really old dating earlier than Troa war (II millennium, I half). According to the legend, goddess Nephele migrated her children to avoid crual treatment of a step mother. Helle fell down the river. As for Phrixus, he was taken to Aia (Kolkheti). Ayety provided shelter for Phrixus and married to his eldest daughter “kalkiope”. The ram was made a sacrifice and the fleece was hung on an oak which was guarded by a dragon. Helia (the king of Tesalia) offered his kingdom to his nephew Jason in return for the golden fleece. Jason made up a streamer, chose the crew and after quite risky and dangerous sailing, they found themselves at the outfall of Pasisi (river Rioni). By walking up the river, soon they found Ayety’s castle. Ayety assigned Jason very difficult tasks in return for the golden fleece. Jason managed to do everything with the help of Ayety’s wizard daughter Medea who fell in love with him at the first glance. Jason returned home with Medea and the fleece.


Arriving in Tbilisi and placing in a guesthouse.


In the morning guided tour in Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia) located on banks of Kura to discover the old city with the ruins of Narikala fortress, its paved streets, churches, and the superb point of view dominating the city. Lunch. Visiting church Metekhi (V-XIII centuries), famous sulfurous baths and a traditional bakery. Overnight stay in Tbilisi.


Departure towards west Georgia. On the way visiting Mtckheta, the old capital of Georgia. Visiting several main churches of Djvari, Svetiskoveli and Samtavro. Turning to Gori, Stalin's birthplace, visiting his house -currently a museum with his armoured wagon used for his voyages. Lunch in Gori. Then visiting troglodytic city of Uplistsikhe (I century), former commercial town . Next stop in Kutaisi with an overnight stay in a guesthouse.


Visiting Kutaisi - the second largest city of the Country. Discovering majestic cathedral of Bagrat unique because of its originality not to have a roof! It overhangs the city offering a very beautiful panorama. Next stop is Gelati -monastic complex of the XII century where the king David Aghmashenebeli (one of the most important monarchs of the history of Georgia) is buried. Lunch in Kutaisi. Visiting Sataplia - natural caves famous for their stalagmites and stalactites. Overnight stay in a guesthouse in Kutaisi.


Departure to Svaneti. Arrival in Mestia. Lunch. Visiting Latani, church of XI century. Overnight stay in Mestia in a guesthouse.


Sightseeings in Mestia includes ethnographic museum as well as Kherguiani's (famous Georgian alpinist) museum (former house). Lunch in Mestia. Departure to Ushguli. Overnight stay in Ushguli in a guesthouse.


Visiting Ushguli and ethnographic museum. Lunch in Ushguli. Going back to Mestia and spending a night in a guesthouse there.


Departure to Zugdidi and visit to the palace of Dadiani. Lunch.Then Poti - the old ancient city, former Phazisi, important commercial point of antique Georgia. Overnight stay in Poti.


In the morning sailing in a small boat on Lake Paliastomi - national park of Colchide, famous for its fauna and flora. 1.5 - 2 hour Lunch at the Pazisi restaurant close to the lake. Leaving for Batumi and on the way visiting the botanical garden. Overnight stay in Batumi.

Day 10: BATUMI

In the morning visiting the city of Batumi and the fortress of Gonio as well as ethnographic museum. Lunch at a restaurant on the seaside. Free afternoon and overnight stay in Batumi.


Returning to Tbilisi through Vani. Visiting archaeological excavations and the museum with the findings of ancient period of Georgia. Lunch.