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Have you ever been to Bakuriani? No? Then you should visit it. It is a must. Bakuriani is a little fairy place in Georgia.  Yes, it’s our personal fairy tale. Mountains covered with crystal white snow, evergreen fir-trees, sledges, skiing routes, and skating squares - you can see all this and not only this in Bakuriani. 

Bakuriani is a popular skiing resort in the Borjomi district of Georgia. It is located on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range at an elevation of 1,700 meters (5,576 feet) above sea level.

The region around Bakuriani is covered by coniferous forests (mainly made up of spruce). The resort lies 30km from Borjomi and is located within the so-called Bakuriani Depression/caldera. The resort is connected with Borjomi by an electrified narrow gauge railway. The present-day area of the town was built up by the lavaflows from the Mukheri   volcano. The highest mountain of the resort used for skiing is called Mount Kohta at around 2,200 meters (7,216 feet) above sea level.

The climate of Bakuriani is transitional from humid maritime to relatively humid continental. The winters are cold and snowy, while the summers are long and warm. Average annual temperature of the town is 4.3 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in January is -7.3 degrees Celsius while the average August temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. The annual precipitation is 734mm (28.9 inches). The depth of snow from December to March is 64cm (25.2 inches). Bakuriani is also home to the well-known Botanical Garden of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. 


Apoartment-Hotel Sopross
11 Tsriuli (Koba Tsakadze) str. Bakuriani, Georgia; Tel: +995 (595) 97 53 99; +995 (595) 97 53 98 More...

Hotel Mgzavrebi
Tsakadze str.; Tel: +995 (592) 220 520 More...

Hotel Varskvlavi
6 Tsakadze str. Bakuriani, Georgia; Tel: +995 (32) 230 30 30 More...

Hotel Vilavita
34 Mta str. Bakuriani,Georgia; Tel: +995 (32) 239 77 71; +995 (599) 39 77 71 More...

Hotel Villa Palace
1 Tsakadze str. Bakuriani, Georgia; Tel: +995 (8 267) 4 02 73; +995 (595) 90 11 44 More...

Hotel Villa Park
25 Rustaveli str. Bakuriani, Georgia; Tel: +995 (32) 230 30 30 More...