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Chinese Cuisine

Chinese food is very healthy. Rice husk contains valuable substances and sea products are rich with albumens and mineral substances that are necessary for our organism. Other very important components for Chinese food are beans, especially, soy-beans. Soy-beans are rich with vegetable fats that promote brain functioning. Apparently, that’s why Chinese people have attained great success almost in every field of science and art.

Chinese meal always contains some basic components that are finely cut and deliciously cooked. Diverse combinations of 30-40 ingredients give us the chance for cooking more than thousands of different dishes.

In everyday life the dinner and the supper are of the one and the same meaning for the Chinese people. Sweet meals, juices and fresh fruit rarely play the role of the dessert. Mostly they are the components of the main course. Chinese never drink juice during the dinner,as European people do. But, they drink much tea.

Chinese people consume rice wine and vodka, but they have never been addicted to alcohol drinks. Each region of China has its own cuisine. In the south are spread the dishes that had been created in Peking environment. These dishes are often called as “Mandarin Cuisine”. The most popular dishes of “Mandarin Cuisine” are: the composition of acute vegetables and meat; cabbage and mushrooms with sweetish-sourish meat; And, the most special dish - Beijing duck. The residents of western province - Sichuan opt for more acute dishes. As for Guangdong province, people, there, are the fans of sea products.

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