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Irish Cuisine
Ireland is known for its lush green lands, which are of course excellent for the growing of crops and the grazing of livestock. Traditional Irish food is hearty, wholesome, fare made from local produce - recipes may be simple but they are both tasty and satistfying . 

Potatoes are a prominent feature of Irish cooking . They were introduced in the late 17th century, and have become the staple crop of Ireland. Oats and barley are also  grown, and have been for many centuries. Popular meats include lamb and pork. 

Of course, with the island of Ireland being surrounded by sea, fish and seafood is also popular. Ireland is particularly known for its langoustines (known as "Dublin Bay Prawn" ) and oysters, the latter often eaten with Guinness at the  many oyster festivals around the country each year. Popular types of fish include salmon and cod.

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