Monday, 17 Jun, 2024
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Japanese Cuisine

Japanese food is as refined as any of the great cuisines of the world, but alongside the elegant fare is the humble bowl of rice and the heritage of simple country cooking. The traditional Japanese diet is no doubt one of the healthiest in the world and thankfully tofu, miso, sushi, green tea, and soba are now familiar to many people outside of Japan.
Rice and noodles are the two primary staples of the Japanese diet. Rice, either boiled or steamed, is served at every meal.
Two uniquely Japanese foods are sushi (fresh raw seafood with rice) and sashimi (fresh raw seafood with soy sauce); both rely on freshly caught fish or seafood.
Sake or Japanese rice wine (16% alcohol) is made with brewed rice, water and malt. This Japanese wine complements the cuisine. Other Japanese beverages include ume - an alcoholic beverage made with Japanese plums and shochu - a distilled spirit made with sweet potatoes, rice and sugar cane.
The Japanese are known for using very fresh ingredients in their cooking. They prefer using fresh, seasonal foods for their meals, buying it the same day it will be cooked. The Japanese are also famous for their skill in arranging food so that it looks beautiful. The people of Japan live long lives and have a low rate of heart disease because of healthy eating habits.