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Khinkali-cafe Cuisine


Khinkali is one of the main attractions and a favourite dish for foreigners visiting Georgia.
Khinkali is Georgian dumpling filled with various fillings, usually spiced meat. Wellprepared Khinkali should have juice in its contents, that's why one should eat it with a hand, not with a fork. They are eaten plain, or with coarse black pepper. The top, where the pleats meet, is tough and sometimes not eaten. This top is called the "kudi" - hat. The best Khinkali is prepared in mountainous Khevsureti, Pshavi and Tusheti. Khinkali is the main dish at every feast in these mountainous regions.

Kartuli Sakhli (Georgian house)
Georgian, Khinkali-cafe
23 G. Akhvlediani St. (Perovskaya)

Georgian, Khinkali-cafe
7 Gorgasali St., 7 Bambis rigi St.