Monday, 15 Jul, 2024
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Bank Account
Opening a bank account in Tbilisi is very easy. You will only need to present passport. The two most common types of accounts to open are either a savings or a current account. You should obtain an ATM card with your current account so you can withdraw your money at anytime.
Exchanging Money
Georgian national currency is Lari / Gel; It is divided into 100 Tetri. All payments are made in Lari on the territory of Georgia. Banks usually offer the best rates of exchange when you are changing your foreign currency. Local currency can also be withdrawn from ATM machines by holders of compatible cards. ATM machines are widespread throughout the Tbilisi allowing 24 hour access to money. A list of compatible cards will be displayed on the ATM machines but cards showing the Visa or MasterCard logo will almost always be accepted.
Money transfers
Georgian banks offer different money transfer systems. Go to your nearest bank location. The bank staff will help you to send or receive your money. Opening a bank account is not required.

Bank of Georgia
29a Gagarini St.; Tel: +995 (32) 244 44 44 More...

Bank Republic
2 Gr. Abashidze St.; Tel: +995 (32) 290 90 90; +995 (32) 292 55 55 More...

41 Chavchavadze Ave.; Tel: +995 (32) 2 922 922, +995 (32) 2 921 921 More...

Cartu Bank
39a, Chavchavadze ave.; Tel: +995 (32) 292 55 92 More...

Procredit Bank
154, Agmashenebeli Ave.; Tel: +995 (32) 220 22 22 More...

TBC Bank
7, Marjanishvili St; Tel: +995 (32) 227 27 27 More...