Tuesday, 05 Mar, 2024
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Georgian Archaeology

Did you know that Georgia is the homeland of “the first Europeans”? You haven’t the faintest idea? Let me tell you. Yes, that’s absolutely true. Ancient human beings were discovered in Dmanisi, south of Georgia. The archaeological excavations have been proceeding since 1936 there. Since 1991 five sculls of prehistoric hominids have been found in the site. Zezva and Mzia are asserted to have been the first ancient humans who left Africa and settled in Europe.

Ancient hominids, Zezva and Mzia, are saved in the archaeology department of Simon Janashia Museum of  Georgia. 

Mentioned museum is the oldest among the Georgian museums. It was established in 1852. There are 1 200 000 exponents (mostly archaeological and ethnographical) there. Besides Zezva and Mzia, those doubtlessly are the most amazing artifatcts, museum collections include a big number of unique objects from different historical periods. 

If you’re in
Tbilisi I recommend that you visit Tbilisi Archaeological Museum. This museum houses monuments discovered by the archaeological excavations in Tbilisi. The earliest in the world, 4000 years old samples of tinned bronze objects from the Delisi (Tbilisi district) can be seen here.