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To Tbilisi:
There are direct flights from: Amsterdam, Athens, Aktau, Baku, Cologne, Dubai, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Istanbul, Kiev, Minsk, London, Munich, Paris, Prague, Riga, Tel  Aviv, Vienna, Yerevan to Tbilisi. Currently Austrian Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, Aerosvit, Arkia, BMI (British Midland Airways), Belavia, Czech Airlines, Georgian Airways, Lufthansa, Scat, Turkish Airlines fly to Tbilisi. The time of flights to European countries is between 4 and 4.5 hours and to North America is about 12 hours.
A Travellers to Tbilisi must fill in a customs declaration upon arrival that has to be presented to customs officials when departing the country. Failure to declare currency and items of value can result in fines or other penalties.

From Tbilisi:
Passengers have a possibility to reserve seats on flights of airlines ahead of time. This can be done either the city office of airline or airline tickets agency. Besides there is a 24-hour operating counter making reservations and sales on all international and domestic flights at the airport.

According to the Civil Aviation Security Regulations, you are not allowed to carry:

In your luggage:

  • Explosives (Gunpowder, firework, signal flash, etc.);
  • Flammables (Solvent, paint, thinner, lighter);
  • Solid or liquid chemicals.

In your hand luggage:

  • All items listed above;
  • Sharp, Cutting, Sharp-pointed and Blunt-pointed articles (Sword, Axe, Knife, Cork-screw, Scissors, Nail File, Nail, etc.);
  • Fire Guns (Pistol, rifle, etc.).

You are allowed to:

  • Have in your checked-in baggage  alcohol drinks, not more then 70% of alcohol contents, factory-made not more then 5L. per passenger.
  • Carry in your hand luggage medication and diet items, including infant’s food to be used during flight with you; you may be asked to demonstrate approve of necessity of such items during your flight;
  • Have in your hand luggage only a constricted quantity of liquid substances - not more then 100 ml. each and it should be placed into transparent plastic frequentative (with sticker zips) bags no more then 1 L. per passenger;
  • Purchase liquids (drinks, perfumes) in the Airport airside shops (Duty Free) or on board of the Aircraft. In case they are sold in special packing, do not open them before they are checked for flight safety reason in the Security Control Points – otherwise they will be confiscated. In case you are flying via any European Union State Airports do not open the package before you reach the final destination point.
  • All these substances and items can be taken in addition to the quantity (maximum 1 L.) that you already carry in your hand baggage.

In order to identify liquid substances while performing the control you should:

  • Show all the liquids you have with you to be checked at the Aviation Security Control Points;
  • Take off the jacket and/or coat – they are checked separately parallel to your check;
  • Remove PC notebook and other large size electrical devices – they are also checked separately parallel to your personal check.

In case you have any questions in connection with the above mentioned rules, please address to your Air Company for consultation.

Travelling with animals:

If you want to take your pet with you on board of a plane, you must inform the operator when booking your ticket. You will have to arrive at the airport in advance to have your pet registered. Pets(cats, dogs, birds) are  carried in special cages (containers) provided by a passenger.


A Check-in closes forty minutes before flights at Tbilisi international airport . Do not forget to find out about the check-in time as you buy your ticket.

Most international air companies ask you to check in two hours before flight, because clearing customs and immigration process may take a long time.

Air Agencies Georgia
Adress: 3 Ekaladze st.; Tel: +995 (32) 298 88 42; More...

Austrian Airlines
Adress: 15 Paliashvili St.; Tel: +995 (32) 224 33 24; More...

Azerbaijan Airlines Representative
Adress: 28 Chavchavadze Ave.; Tel: +995 (32) 255 88 88; More...

Georgian Airways
Adress: 12 Rustaveli ave.; Tel: +995 (32) 299 91 80; More...

Kazakhstan Airlines ( Air Company - Skat)
Adress: 12 Ingorokva st.; Tel: +995 (32) 293 66 00; More...

Adress: 15 Paliashvili st.; Tel: +995 (32) 224 33 24; More...

Turkish Airlines
Adress: Agmashenebeli ave. 147; Tel: +995 (32) 294 07 03; +995 (32) 295 90 22; More...